A Background of Vince Coleman the The Teach Dispatcher

Vince Coleman

On December sixth, 1917 a teach dispatcher known as Vince Coleman was operating the dispatch office next to the Halifax harbor.

But one sailor who knew about the imminent explosion ran at night railway freight yards, caution Coleman and Lovett to drive out. Vince Coleman knew that which was on the line when he ran back again to tap out his critical message.


Vince Coleman was taking into consideration the passenger trains speeding towards the threatened harbor. He had to avoid them.

Coleman telegraphed his urgent caution. At precisely 9:06 the worst man-made explosion (at its period) tore through Halifax, triggering two thousand deaths including the existence of Vince Coleman. Nine thousand had been wounded.

One brave man sacrificed his life to save lots of seven-hundred others. The seven-hundred others had been aboard a passenger coach headed for Halifax.

The story

In lots of ways it was an average early winter moment in Halifax that December 6th, 1917. The sun was dazzling in a distinct sky and the bottom was free from snow. A mild haze hung over the harbor but visibility was generally very good.

Through the war the harbor bustled with convoys of guys and elements bound for Europe. But on the night time of December fifth, two ships' captains anxiously awaited departure. Aboard the Imo, a Belgian relief