A Music Research of Fugue in G Small by Johann Sebastian Bach

Fugue in G Minor Analysis

One of the top rated composers in the fugue design to date is Johann Sebastian Bach. His fugue, Fugue in G small commences in G minor with the topic in the Alto tone of voice enduring for 6 beats. In the next half of measure two, the soprano gets control the Remedy with a tonal answer. This is for the reason that subject commences on the fifth and techniques up a step as the answer commences on the tonic and skips up a third. The tonal Answer is certainly accompanied by the Counter Subject matter in the Alto voice before end of measure three. The fourth measure is normally a sequence predicated on measure two leading into the next Subject matter in measure five that's voiced in the Bass as the Counter Subject matter is voiced in the Soprano. These both continue until defeat three of measure six where the Answer is bought out by the Tenor and the Counter Subject matter is bought out by the Bass tone of voice. This can be the end of the Exposition section. For another four procedures from measure eight to eleven, all the voices commence sequences. This is a good example of a web link. The TenorРІР‚в„ўs sequences is due to measure two as the Soprano sequence is ascends until measure twelve with the Bb key cadence.


The Developmental section commences on measure twelve in Bb significant with the Subject matter in the Alto and the Counter Subject matter in the Tenor.