An Research of Eve's Downfall in John Milton's Epic Poem Paradise Lost

Eve's Fall

Satan sought revenge because God possessed thrown him out of heaven; Satan also succeeded by persuading Eve to take the fruit. John Milton communicated these incidents which lead up to the horrible downfall. Satan coaxed her into sinning, by seeing her flatter herself with self-image. Because of Eve's idolization of her natural beauty, Satan convinced her to consume the fruit, as a result sinning. When Eve was made from Adam's rib, she had not been aware of her outward appearance. The first actions she performed was seeking at her flawless reflection in the lake. When she finally recognized that the reflection was hers, she explained "what thou seest, what there thou seest, reasonable creature, is certainly thyself" (Milton 91). She referred to herself as a good, breathtaking girl. Satan observed this weakness since it was occurring and sought to gradually use this against her in persuading her to sin. Satan was not the only person to observe how Eve was engrossed in her splendor. Adam, her just companion, noticed how Eve obsessed about her outward overall look. Raphael, an angel from heaven, and Adam had been talking about how exactly Eve was "build in her loveliest and develop an awe" (Milton 193). Being drawn to Eve was challenging that Adam was coping with, because she had not been as genuine as he was; simply because that she enjoys her beauty.