An Research of the Golf club Formed on Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Depot at Newton Heath

The club was formed as Newton Heath L&YR F.C. in 1878 as the gets results team of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot at Newton Heath. The club's t shirts were green and precious metal halves. They played out on a small, dilapidated discipline on North Road, near to the future site of the Manchester Piccadilly railway station for fifteen years, before moving to Bank Road in the near by area of Clayton in 1893. The club had entered the Soccer League the prior year and started out to sever its links with the rail depot, becoming an unbiased company, appointing a golf club secretary and dropping the "L&YR" from their name to be easily Newton Heath F.C.. Shortly later on, in 1902, the golf club neared personal bankruptcy, with debts of over 2500. At one stage, their Bank Street floor was actually closed by the bailiffs.[10]Only before needing to be shut down once and for all, the club received a sizeable purchase from J. H. Davies, the managing director of Manchester Breweries. Legend runs that Harry Stafford, the golf club captain, was revealing his prized St. Bernard doggie at a club fund-raiser, when Davies approached him to get the dog. Stafford declined, but could persuade Davies to purchase the club and become club chairman.[11] It had been decided at one of many early board meetings that the golf club required a modification of brand to reflect the new start that they had been afforded. Manchester Central and Manchester Celtic had been among the names advised, before Louis Rocca, a immigrant from Italy, explained "Gentlemen, we will call ourselves Manchester United?"[12] The brand stuck, and Manchester United officially had become on 26 April 1902. Davies also decided it will be appropriate to improve the club's colours, abandoning the green and