An Introduction to the annals of Militaristic Japan Attemptedto Extend Its Affect from Manchuria into China Dynamics Alliance with Russia

Causes Began as

militaristic Japan attemptedto extend its affect from Manchuria into

China Nature Alliance with

Russia after first year of level of resistance against Japan 1937 Russia sent

munitions, advisors and products 1938 Japan controls

almost all of the northern Chinese railways The majority of the

munitions, resources and tax basic in Japanese Hands Authorities had

lost the very best of its armies. 1939-43 Stalemate Repeated bombing

of no cost china 1940 Rival

Government setup in Nanking Massive foreign

aid, which subsequently dry out as battle broke out Substantial inflation Red army united

with National Army carried out guerrilla episodes on isolated Japanese

garrisons; growth rapid. 1941 Renewed

Conflict January 1941 -

New Fourth Army Incident Government orders

Crimson Army north, while it in fact moves south In Kiangsu,

fought with federal government for control of place Many killed,

2,000 communists captured Unwilling to