An Introduction to the life span and Record of Otto Von Guericke

The first true components of a car may have

come from Otto Von Guericke, a 17th century German

physicist. Guericke was observed as the primary person to make

metal pistons, cylinders, and linking rods, the most

basic parts in a reciprocating engine.

But the first automobile was thought to be the 1769 Cugnot

steamer, a three-wheeled tractor. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot

invented the Cugnot steamer. The steamer was mentioned to have

ran for 20 minutes at a swiftness of 2.25 miles each hour.

The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry were only available in 1893 when Charles and

Frank Duryea designed and made the first gasoline-engine-

propelled motor vehicle. This invention virtually

started the complete automotive industry. Through the next 30

years, many people tried to enter in the sector, but only a

few were successful.

Through the early years, every car was designed completely by