a book that change your existence

 a book that change your your life Essay

A Book That Improved My Life

We have to admit that some great literature have the capacity to heal the souls and make all of us better persons. Around The World in Eighty Days is just these kinds of a book in my opinion. This book can be described as fiction story written by a French writer,  Jules Verne. With this story, a great Englishman, Phileas Fogg wonderful new French valet Passepartout attempt to travel around around the world within just eighty days and nights just because he had a huge bet with his friends at the team. Mr Fogg wants to show his a contentious that one can travel and leisure around the world in just eighty days. During their quest around the world, they will met a large number of friends and faced tons of challenges and difficulties. Aside from the interesting and vivid plot of the story, this inspiring book features taught myself three items when facing difficulties anytime: never quit, caring other folks, and do something meaningful is obviously.

First of all, of many things which i learned using this book, one of them is beating difficulties. Touring around the world in eighty days and nights is a fantasy for many folks but Mister Fogg achieved it successfully because he insisted and did not quit. Even though this book is a hype, from the author's perspective, the various tools that we requirement of success is perseverance. Through the whole publication, I learned that there are many challenging problems we need to be confronted with in our actual life. But if you try hard to conquer that and you may discover a way to be achievement. Therefore by the end of the publication I decided to study a very difficult course that we never examined before. I used to be really considering this course and I want to challenge myself. Many friends laughed in me about my fougue. But We never feel dissapointed this decision. Instead, I believed it was the very best decision of my life mainly because I discovered a lot as a result tough procedure. People in the world usually like to criticize and judge other folks. By listening to advice from Mr Fogg, I noticed that I should certainly not care of these criticisms. Finally, I exceeded this tough course with my effort. I think it...

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