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 Essay about history

What were the major suggestions of the Enlightenment? Compare them to the suggestions of the Wonderful Awakening The Enlightenment was obviously a movement geared towards intellectual alter, and it was a trend which hidden across European countries all the way to America in the eighteenth century. The major political ideology of this period entailed a revealing and extensive explanation and evaluation of social conditions; ensuring that we have a vision collection forward for political actions and logical social programs. The seven most essential ideas of the Enlightenment required the following: Progress

It was important for humans to progress and obtain maturity from slavery, irrational belief and immaturity. It was as a result a focus on human history like a story of progress coming from immaturity to freedom and reason attainment. Centrality of economics to politics

Ideally the well-being of any kind of society is usually immensely dependent on the framework of its economy, and it was hence essential the fact that social firm focusing on development and syndication be a primary issue worth addressing. Universality of Enlightenment

All human beings participate in a universal community and so share just one nature which can be enlightened. It truly is thus important for everyone to pay attention to their similarities rather than variations. Secularism

This kind of focused on the fact that there was need to individual religion by politics and there must be no particular official faith. Religious issues ought to have been completely a private concern. Popular government

Maintained that aristocracy can be not the only class that will exist in the government and people have the ability to guideline themselves. That required the need for democracy and equality. Human being autonomy and reason in enlightenment

Enlightenment focuses on individuals developing reason thorough maturity. Human autonomy being the main of explanation would make certain that the relationship between one's liberty and that from the state is definitely maintained. Cause would permit people to think rationally and so attain the facts....

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