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L. P Morgan

J. P Morgan

John Pierpont Morgan was born for the 17 April 1837 in Hartford Connecticut. He is certainly one of America's most famous businessman fantastic business and legacy nonetheless live on today. At the maximum of his time he was worth twenty-five billion modern day us dollars.

J. P came to be into a wealthy family because his millionaire father Junius made his fortune by investing other people's money in stocks and options. His father taught him how to avoid risk at a age by making handle a million dollars.

Early existence

Morgan escapes the municipal war simply by pay a soldier 300 dollars to fight for him. During the battle Morgan the huge gain buying 5000 rifles in three dollars fifty an item and offering them for twenty two dollars apiece. The rifles will be defective and blow soldiers thumbs off. Later the congressional committee finds out and Morgan is exonerated.

Lighting America

Morgan believes that electricity is the new upcoming and will generate him rich even wealthier than his rivals, but his daddy doesn't support it. Contradictory to his father Morgan hires Jones Edison to setup 400 bulbs in his Manhattan mansion. Edison uses Morgan's house intended for his experiments with electric power. electricity soon becomes a need to have in every New york business and soon half of Manhattan is usually connected if the world's initial power train station is built yet a treat shortly emerges George Westinghouse great employee Nicholas tesla who are using active current. Alternating current is victorious the battle but tesla makes a careless mistake by simply ripping up the patent. Morgan threatens Westinghouse with patent infringement. Westinghouse has no decision but to promote his business to Morgan the company soon becomes one of the greatest in America. The U. H federal treasury is in need of support after a two year depression. Morgan determines to entente them out with 75 million us dollars (3 billion today). Morgan single handily saved the U. S economy But since profits climb, working conditions sink. Pay reduces in order that the average employee...


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