Case Assignment 1

 Essay about Case Project 1

Case Assignment 1 (23rd September, 2014)

Due: fifteenth October 2014 in class

Centre for the Arts (Case 6 in case book)

Case Questions: (you actually do not have to solution them in Q& A format. Please read the notice: " How you can write a great analysis of your case”) 1 . As Erin White, what recommendations would you make which may result in reaching break even intended for the scheduled Halo functionality? 2 . Because Erin White colored, what suggestions would you generate to improve seat revenue for the following two theatrical shows? 3. Because Debbie Slade, what position do you think theatrical performances ought to play at a later date programs? Describe. 4. What should Debbie Slade carry out?


You should read the be aware " How you can write an analysis of any case” Cases will be evaluated as if groups are within a work scenario and have been provided the responsibility by senior supervision to analyze an advertising related organization situation and develop recommendations for the business. Generally, cases will be graded on the following criteria:

•Quality of analysis

•Application of marketing and business terminologies/ theory •Adherence to the requirements

All cases, unless otherwise specified, are to be published typewritten (letter quality). 12 pts. Instances New Roman, 1 . 5 spaces in 8 ½ x 10 inch light paper with one " margins. Only stapled hard copies will be accepted. Maximum 6 webpages (excluding exhibits). Teams must ensure that all the individual team members contribute evenly to any teamwork. It can be the responsibility of each and every team to create out in writing the guidelines for its organization, functionality and function. It is vital to note that assignments happen to be that of the team's own work. Any kind of submission of duplicate work will be deemed plagiarism increase in handled consequently.

Case Analysis Form

1 . Evaluation




Very good

Very Very good


Analysis of /SWOT, Micro/Macro Environment


Thorough examination of key issues


Powerful use of...

Unemployment and Inflation Analysis Paper