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 Organizational Framework Essay

Organizational Structure

Pamela Caragianis

MGT/230 Management Theory and Practice

June twenty-seven, 2012

School of Phoenix, arizona - Scott Jarrett

Company Structure

Graybar Electric Company opened in 1869 by Enos Barton and Elisha Grey who produced Gray & Barton. Within the past eighty years Graybar has been one of the most significant employee held companies in North America. Today Graybar is actually a Fortune five-hundred corporation. Graybar is headed by a Plank of Owners, all of which are typical current staff. Most of the administrators have worked all their way in the company, incidents where started in the warehouse. Within the Board of Directors, you have the President, June 1, 2012 Kathleen Mazzarella became the first girl to hold this position. There are vice presidents, district vice presidents, directors of departments; just like financial and sales. Then in every branch you will find managers, division supervisors then the front line personnel. Unlike little operations, Graybar does not have any doing work leaders with broad obligations. Each manager has extremely specified skills and responsibilities, such as product sales which are separated to power and conversation equipment. All managers through the top level to the frontline all have a similar goals to fulfill. That is to supply the customer together with the best product at the best price as well as make a profit for the company. Since Graybar is employee owned or operated this is a vital goal for each employee. In contrast to a matrix organization most employees for Graybar only answer to 1 manager. Except in the situation in which a direct manager is not available then a office or part manager must be consulted the moment any questions or concerns arise. Having managers in-front line and middle level that are in charge of marketing, fund, and recruiting make it possible for the daily businesses to run clean. This makes it feasible for the upper level managers to make decisions that are most reliable for the success of the company. Each...