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 Comparing Odysseus and Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton Film Essay

Odysseus in Wonderland

The story of Alice in Wonderland plus the story of The Odyssey reveal similar qualities. Most people would argue that the story of Odysseus trying to get home and the history of Alice fighting against a fearsome monster no longer share related plots. However , Alice and Odysseus both fight against evil pushes and the two protagonists parallel each other too. When reading the epic poem and watching the movie, Homer and Tim Burton use identical characters and scenes. In Alice in Wonderland as well as the Odyssey, identical heroes are called to an adventure to face difficult obstacles plus they both reveal brutal struggle scenes.

The characters' individuality in The Journey and in Alice in Wonderland parallel each other. Odysseus and Alice become open-minded 3rd party leaders. At first of the video, Alice examines wearing a encadrement to within the codfish onto her head, which usually shows her absence of dread when it comes to speaking up and having her own thoughts and opinions. This relates to when Odysseus makes the decision to listen to the Sirens to demonstrate his fearlessness and bravery (Homer doze. 193-194). When "[Poseidon] buffets [Odysseus] from home”, that corresponds to the Red Full acting because the antagonist in Alice's situation and keeping her from heading home (1. 99). When ever "[Athena's] cardiovascular is damaged for Odysseus”, she allows Odysseus in several ways such as hiding him as a beggar and transforming him into a good warrior (1/67). This landscape resembles to the White Full when your woman prepares Alice for the fight against the Jabberwocky. The personas perform identical actions and also have complementary people. Alice and Odysseus have got relatable obstacles such as receiving trapped, receiving chased, and obtaining help. One example would be if the Kyklops place a " solid rock and roll [over the opening] to shut the cave” and pitfall the men in there (Homer on the lookout for. 260-262). This corresponds to the moment Alice attempts to get the vorpal sword from your doghouse, however the Bandersnatch sides and...

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