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 Cultural Desire Essay

Cultural Desire Essay

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Realization. This is just what I discovered from the blood pressure measurements. The realization that I was not as culturally aware ?nternet site thought. I have always regarded myself to become good doctor. I try to be very thoughtful and caring with my sufferers. I smile as I interview them, place my hand on the arm or shoulder, and try to find a common ground. This is because as a great operating space nurse we all don't get very long to connect with this patients before they are away to sleep. Working in central and eastern Kentucky and also growing up right here, most of my own patients will be what I call " Appalachian Americans". Resulting from my blood pressure measurements I realized that when I do have sufferers from differing backgrounds such as Latino's, Asian, etc . I i am more distant from them than if we were holding from Kentucky. Maybe I actually do this since I do not know their very own culture. They could not like end of trading contact We am utilized to providing my own patients. Perhaps it is a fortunately I do not assume that they will appreciate that kind of care, but I really could provide better care to those patients who are widely diverse basically had additional information. I chose to read Maya Angelou's " I am aware Why the Caged Fowl Sings". This really is Maya's personal story of growing up a dark female in the American Southern during the thirties and 40s. I believe which i have a reasonable understanding of the African American culture. Although I did not grow up around various African Us citizens, I have experienced many black patients and co-workers. Most of my dark patients have the same cultural standards as I carry out. Growing in the south in the 30s and 40s Maya Angelou faced some deep sitting down racism. Undoubtedly that racism still is present today, nevertheless is not like it was when ever Maya was growing up. I suppose the one thing that I had not been aware of is that black ladies seek preventive care as much as, sometimes more than Caucasians (Sambamoorthi & McAlpine, 2003, 482). I actually am not sure why, nevertheless I have often thought Africa Americans being...

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