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VaShanti K. Lawrence

Monday 21, 2013

Curly hair Testimony

Criminal Analysis and Forensics

initial period

Great Moring, We am expert witness VaShanti Lawrence. I had been called to testify regarding hair. Likewise I am here to see you about the forensic hair analysis and describe why it really is considered calls evidence. Let me prove that the suspect Colin Ross's curly hair does meet the hair found at the criminal offense scene. This is a plan of the basic structure of hair a hair from the crime scene, or one particular found on the victim, will be microscopically compared with numerous hair trials from the think. В Particular number of characteristics or perhaps traitsВ to look for when analyzing macroscopically or perhaps microscopically. В When analyzing the hair macroscopically you should look at theВ length, color, sheen, be it wavy or straight, and theВ presence or absence of hair follicle tissue or not. You also shouldВ try to determine the body site the hair originate from. WhenВ analyzing curly hair microscopically you have to determine if it'sВ animal, vegetable, or perhaps synthetic in origin.

Locks is a charcter shared by all humans. Hair is a form of class proof that had been useed in forensics analysis. Category evidence is evidence which can be linked to someone rather than person evidence which will only be connected to one person.


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