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Case Study: Continental Airlines

Q. 1 ) What is the business benefit of the Call Miner system? Provide a lot of additional model beyond these discussed in case? To provide better service and market examination successfully in an increasingly sophisticated and information-rich society, business must have to use technology. There are several organization benefit of this technology. Technology such as CallMiner has distinct kind of advantage in different areas such as potential, customer service and so forth The CallMiner system enables Continental to know the reasons why buyers contact all of them, the value of individuals communications, as well as the effectiveness of its support representatives in addressing the customers' demands. In this globalization period, the spread of technology and maximum make use of advance technology–helps a company to reach their desire target. The business benefits of CallMiner system happen to be:

Improves customer service effectiveness and bigger customer satisfaction By mining your data CallMiner helps marketing plans to form overall strategy. Competitive advantage-CallMiner's ability to acknowledge root challenges within the reservation system and so foster better and more successful customer service, endorsing Continental's capability to be a head within the airline industry. The CallMining application also offered Continental airlines the opportunity to keep an eye on agents' answers to buyers and therefore reveal areas in which real estate agents needed more training, and by better training agents that they became far better and successful employees. It provides experience program and also reduce work cost Helps to determine what customers really want and whether or not the right action were considered Provides more hours to analyze the information.

It makes easier to mine database of voice record.

Helps to build customer loyalty and ensures customer care. Today the data collected simply by these dataminer's is being utilized to train workers, to create enhanced feedback of...