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 Fashion Great Womenswear 19001950 Essay

п»їFashion History of Womenswear (1900~1950)

General purpose: To inform

Specific goal: To inform my personal audience vogue history of Womenswear between 1900~1950 Central idea: Western trend history of Womenswear between 1900-1950 were extremely influenced by simply history celebration such as Universe War My spouse and i and 2 Main thought:

I. WW1 brought Asia traditions to Europe and Western dress happen to be one of the major impact II. WW2 brings women to office therefore shape and duration of dress experienced huge transform, Chanel had been raised up this time 3. After WW2 was one other twist stage, fancy comes bad and Dior's The New look were published


Certain purpose: To see my audience fashion great Womenswear among 1900~1950 Central idea: American fashion history of Womenswear among 1900-1950 had been highly inspired by history event just like World Conflict I and II Way of organization: Chorological

Introduction: The development of Fashion consists at the beginning. We begins which has a brief the feeling to fashion. Body: The body of the speech Candy provides an notion of how the culture, economic and culture replace the influenced the style style in Western lifestyle. The first point is all about how Universe War you brought Asia culture to Western traditions in fashion. A transition to World Battle 2 signifies Vanessa's move to the second point, in which how World Battle 2 impact the use of cloth, and displays the evidence by simply photo for the visual ads. Vanessa ends the second stage by how the people during that time solve their problem trend. After the move, Chocolate accept the subject to 1947 which talk about about the change following war, and Dior' The New Look released. Conclusion: Consisting at the end of the speech, the final outcome reminds guests of the value of the matter and summarizes the main items. Also, it possesses a sense of feeling for people that they are a part of the fashion background too.

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