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About the Exam:

The AP Literature and Composition Exam will be administered in May. The test is made up of two parts: a qmc (question multiple choice ) section and an essay section. The multiple choice section accounts for 45 percent of the score, while the essay accounts for fifty-five percent. The multiple-choice section is one hour long, and it is based on five selections of English literature from the 18 th century to the present. Paragraphs will concentrate either on prose or perhaps poetry. The essay section is two hours extended, and includes three essay questions. Commonly, one article will analyze a writing passage, 1 will evaluate a poetry passage, and one will probably be on open-ended question on an appropriate textual content of the scholar’s choosing.

Over the course of the year, we will get ready for the exam through timed, in-class practice exams. We can discuss test-taking strategies and review the scoring conditions for the essay area of the exam. The curriculum is designed to give college students the necessary abilities and equipment to make a completing score.

The Initially Essay (Synthesis)

The first dissertation on the test is thesynthesis article. This kind of essay is most likely the trickiest to understand, but when you do find the hang than it, you will be a single step nearer to learning the mediocre. The activity requires you to read several texts, which can be poems, content, short reports, or even political cartoons.

After you have read and analyzed the texts, you are asked to build an argument using at least three with the documents from your set. The sources needs to be used to build and support your disagreement, and you must integrate them into a logical whole.

Within the 2013 FRQ section of the AP exam, the activity essay focuses on the planning and consideration which goes into building a monument. The whole prompt pertaining to the section is beneath:

If we breakdown the task, it truly is asking you to use the six sources to create a coherent, well-developed argument from the position about the factors a group or agency must look into when memorializing a person in a monument. As you read this, you might have several experience with the subject or have viewed monuments in the life. You can utilize that experience, however your response must focus on the given texts.

To find the real documents you may go here. A brief look at the files will provide a few context pertaining to the essay samples and the scores.

The question is scored on a scale from 1-9, with nine being the highest. Let’s take a look at some examples of college student essays, along with feedback from the visitors – to break down the dos and don’ts of the FRQ section.

It is best to strive to find the highest report possible. Writing a high-scoring paper involves learning some practices that may help you write the greatest synthesis article. Below are two examples obtained from student works.

Section 2: Free-Response Composing

The Free-Response area of the test contains three requires, each of the different type:synthesispassageway analysis, andargument. Each is won on a size from zero to being unfaithful.

With the introduction of the activity essay in 2007, the College Board allotted 15 added minutes towards the free-response exam portion to let students to read and annotate the three requires, as well as the passages and sources provided. Throughout the reading time, students may well read the prompts and take a look at the paperwork. They may employ this time to produce notes, or perhaps begin composing their composition.

The synthesis prompt commonly requires students to look at a scenario, after that formulate a response to a particular element of the scenario using at least three with the accompanying options for support. While an overall total of half a dozen or eight sources go along with the quick, using details from each of the sources is not necessary, and may be unfavorable. The source material used must be offered in the composition in order to be regarded as legitimate.

The analysis immediate typically requests students to study a short (less than one particular page) verse, which may have already been written whenever you want, as long as it was originally written in modern The english language. After examining the verse, students will be asked to create an article in which they will analyze and discuss numerous techniques mcdougal uses inside the passage. The techniques differ from prompt to prompt, although may inquire about strategies, argumentative techniques, inspirations, or different rhetorical aspects of the passage, and how this sort of techniques efficiently contribute to the total purpose of the passage. The prompt may well mention specific techniques or purposes, sometimes leeway of discussion is still left to the college student.

The argument prompt commonly gives a position in the form of a great assertion via a noted source. Students are asked to consider the affirmation, and then kind an argument that defends, issues, or qualifies the assertion using promoting evidence using their own understanding or studying.

Expert’s Guide to the AP Literature Examination

If you’re planning to take the AP English Literature and Structure exam, you will need to get acquainted with what to expect through the test. Whether or not the 2020 test out date ofWednesday, May sixis near or far, I’m here to help you get serious about preparing for the exam.

In this guide I’ll go over the test’s format and question types, how it’s graded, best practices for preparation, and test day tips. You’ll be on your way to AP English Lit success in no time!


AP English Language and Composition is a course in the study of rhetoric taken in high school. Many schools offer this course primarily to juniors and the AP English Literature and Composition course to seniors. Other schools reverse the order, and some offer both courses to both juniors and seniors. The College Board advises that students choosing AP English Language and Composition be interested in studying and writing various kinds of analytic or persuasive essays on non-fiction topics, while students choosing AP English Literature and Composition be interested in studying literature of various periods and genres (fiction, poetry, drama) and using this w


The Making of a Composition: A Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms, modified by Indicate Strand and Eavan Boland, published simply by W. Watts. Norton & Company

The New worldby Upton Sinclair

Weep, the Precious Countryby Alan Paton, printed by Scribner

A living room with a Viewby E. M. Forster

Hamletsimply by William Shakespeare, posted by Cambridge University Press

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Uselessby Tom Stoppard, published by simply Grove Press

The Cherry Orchardby simply Anton Chekov, published by simply Dover Music

Fatality of a Salesmansimply by Arthur Miller, published by simply Penguin

The Third Essay (Argument)

The third and last composition of the FRQ does not interact to a particular text. Instead, the prompt concentrates on crafting a spat about a particular issue. Your essay should argue a specific position, although most of the queries put forth by the exam will not be simple either/or questions.

A few look at the immediate for another essay from 2013:

Just before we get into the do’s and don’ts of the essay, a few talk about the actual challenge of the task. This specific task will be tough to come up with because it works with the philosophical ideas around the concept of possession.

Be recommended that you need to see the third fast carefully. It is possible to fall into the trap of writing off-prompt because you misread or do not quite understand what it truly is asking you to do. In this case, you are asked to explain the partnership between the concept of ownership and sense of self, thus an dissertation that doesn’t address that marriage would be off-task.

Always look at the prompt carefully.

Reading Understanding

These are queries that test your ability tounderstand what the passage says on a quite basic level.They don’t require you to do a lot of interpretationyou just need to really know what is actually taking place. You can recognize these from words and phrases just like according to, asserting, mentioned, etc. You can succeed on these types of questions bymindful reading of the text.You may have to return and re-read parts to be sure you understand the actual passage is saying.

The AP Literature Free-Response Section

Section II of the exam is definitely two hours long and involvesthree free-response essay queriesso you’ll have about 40 mins per dissertation. That’s not considerable time considering it of the test counts for 55% of your overall test grade! Take note, though, that no one is going to prompt one to move by essay to essay, so you can theoretically divide up the time how you will want (but be sure to keep enough time for every single essay). The first two essays will be literary research essays of specific paragraphs, with one particular poem and one prose excerptand the last essay is definitely an analysis of a presented theme within a work picked by you, the student.

Program Objectives:

Throughout every season, students can explore different modes of college-level writing, with a focus on close calcado analysis. Daily reading can be paired with disovery journal assignments that will serve as being a starting point for our in-class dialogue. These types of assignments may include free publishing, annotation, response/reaction paragraphs, and imitative exercises. Formal papers will be divided between expository and persuasive assignments. These will include a poetry rplique, compare and contrast documents, character examines and argumentative essays. Creative writing assignments will be interspersed throughout the year, and will include the make up of a formal poem and a scene. These assignments will expand students’ knowledge of a genre or style, with the goal of exploring the writing method and the decisions inherent in creating a fictional work. Pupils will also practice responding to sample AP free-response essay encourages. These timed essays will be graded within the 0-9 AP scale.

Pupils should be ready to do a wide range of writing. Most essays requires out of class time. All major writing assignments will go through multiple levels before they can be complete; expect to submit a plan, rough draft and final draft for each. Students is going to complete peer reviews and participate in composing workshops and teacher-student conventions to aid inside the editing process. Written job is anticipated to demonstrate superior vocabulary, reasonable organization, ideal tone, diverse sentence structure and competent grammar. College level writing beliefs concision, specificity and interesting depth of believed. We works on growing those abilities over the course of the season.

Students will certainly spend significant amounts of time, at and away of class, for the close studying of text messaging. The AP exam protects British and American literary works, spanning the sixteen th to 21 street century. Within the year, all of us will browse novels, brief stories, takes on and poems, with the aim understanding the works’ complexities. We will develop skills coming from previous high school graduation literature courses, with a great emphasis on close textual analysis.

We will attempt to position works within their social and cultural circumstance, with awareness of literary motion, author resource and genre. However , each of our primary approach to text will probably be New Critique, which looks for to evaluate text messaging as self-referential and self-contained works. As a result, we will rely on close reading while our key entryway in the analysis of each text.

College students can expect about 20-25 webpages of energetic reading every night. Active studying requires rflexion, critical thinking and, quite often, re-reading. As a result of difficulty of the selected works, students can anticipate to encounter different words, keyword phrases and allusions in their nighttime readings, and are also expected to appearance them up prior to school.

Grade distributions

The grade distributions since 08 are displayed below:

12 months Score percentages
5 four 3 a couple of 1 Mean Number of Learners
2008 8. seven percent 18. 2% 31. 4% 30. five per cent 11. 3% 2 . 82 306, 479
2009 10. five per cent 19. 0% 30. 2% 28. 4% 11. 9% 2 . 88 337, 441
2010 10. seven percent 20. 8% 29. 3% 27. 6% 11. 6% 2 . 91 374, 620
2011 11. 1% 20. 0% 30. 1% 27. five per cent 11. 3% 2 . ninety two 412, 466
2012 11. 0% 20. 2% 28. 9% 27. 9% 11. 9% 2 . 85 443, 835
2013 10. 2% 16. 2% 28. 6% 29. 8% 15. 2% 2 . seventy seven 476, 277
2014 9. 6% 17. 9% 28. 4% 30. 1% 14. 1% 2 . 79 505, 244
2015 9. 9% 18. 3% 27. 3% 29. seven percent 14. 8% 2 . seventy nine 527, 274
2016 10. seven percent 17. 6% 27. 1% 32. 1% 12. 6% 2 . 82 547, 575
2017 9. 1% 18. 4% 27. 8% 30. 7% 14% 2 . 77 579, 426
2018 12. 6% 18. 7% twenty-eight. 8% up to 29. 3% 13. 5% 2 . 83 580, 043
2019 15. 1% 18. 5% dua puluh enam. 5% 23. 1% 13. 8%

Following 2010, the AP The english language Language and Composition test overtook the AP United states of america History check as the most ingested in the AP program.

Essay 3 – Thematic Analysis

Pertaining to the third and final article, you’ll be asked to discuss a specific theme in a work that you select. You’ll be provided with a directory of notable works that addresses the given theme under the prompt, however you can also decide to discuss any kind of work of literary advantage.

Which means you DO havethe ability to choose which in turn work you would like to write an essay aboutbut the key word is literary merit. So no genre fiction! Stick to safe wagers like writers in the list about pages 10-11 of the Program and Exam Description. (I know, I knowlots of ‘genre’ fictional works PERFORM have literary merit, and Shakespeare in fact began as low culture, and so on and so forth. You could well find academic designations of literary merit elitist and difficult, but the a chance to rage up against the literary establishment is not really your AP lit test out. )

Here is a sample question from 2019:

As you can seethe list of works offered spans various time periods and countries:there are ancient greek language plays (Antigone), modern fictional works (like Junot Díaz’sThe Brief Marvelous Life of Oscar Wao), Shakespeare plays (The Tempest), 19th-century The english language plays (The value of Being Serious), and so on. Therefore you have a great deal to work with!

You might possibly see anything by this guy.

General AP Readers’ Ideas

Make an idea.One of the best things you can do for virtually any essay you are composing under a time crunch is always to create a thought-out strategy. Occasionally, in the heat of writing, it is easy to forget exactly where we are in our arguments. Using a simple outline can save you as a result misfortune.

Answer the question in your introduction, and be direct.This can be one of the easiest ways to ensure you get a higher score.

Obviously indent your paragraphs, and ensure that you have always an easy-to-navigate structure.Topic paragraphs are a need to, so make sure those determine into your framework.

Employ evidence especially quotes from your texts, and explain the actual mean.You need to call and make an explicit connection between the data you use, and exactly how it supports your details.

Part of all wonderful writing is range.Differ your phrase structures; avoid make all of your sentences brief or jumpy, but rather try to provide some creative imagination into your writing. Utilize transitions, complex phrases, and elevated diction inside your writing.

Use effective voice, and make every word increase the paper in general.Prevent fluff; you don’t want your projects to look bad mainly because you making the effort to pad your word depend.

Composite Rating Range

The College Panel has released information concerning the composite score range (out of 150) needed to obtain each grade: This report table is usually not absolute, and the varies vary with each administration of the test out. With the addition of the synthesis essay in 2007, the scoring tables were revised to account for the newest essay type in Section 2 of the test out.

Final Credit score Range (2001) Range (2002)
5 108-150 113-150
5 93-107 96-112
3 72-92 76-95
a couple of 43-71 48-75
1 0-42 0-47

Identifying and Interpreting Figurative Vocabulary

These are queries in which you have to eitheridentify what word or perhaps phrase is usually figurative language or supply the meaning of any figurative phrase.You can identify these as they will certainly either explicitly mention radical language (or a radical device like simile or perhaps metaphor) or perhaps will include a figurative terminology phrase inside the question by itself. The meaning of figurative language phrases may normally end up being determined by the phrase’s circumstance in the passagewhat is said around it?What is the phrase referring to?

Case in point 1: Determining

Example two: Interpreting