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 Gangs: Electrical power, Conflict, and Trust Study Paper

Gangs have become a harsh reality in today's society. Yet despite what one may possibly think, bande illustrate a large number of communication theories. This is completed through the electric power gangs possesses, " gang warfare", as well as the trust among gang users.

Gang electrical power can be seen in a large number of communication theories. There are several types of power that gangs and gang frontrunners fall under. One of this would be referent and legitimate electric power. Referent electricity can be described as the role version power. All of us identify with your husband and therefore try to be like these people. Legitimate power comes from folks who we believe needs to be in electricity, like children to instructor, law-abiding citizen to the authorities. Therefore referent and legitimate electricity go hand in hand, because of the organizational structure within the gang, a gang may " have officers very much like that of your cooperation. " (Internet Supply 1) Generally " adults play command roles. " (Internet Resource 3) As well youngsters who may have had extreme prison conditions are usually located to be the market leaders of the gangs, thus becoming an example of qualified power. The reason this is considered an example of expert power is because the consumer possesses exceptional knowledge in prison life, etc . By serving a prison term they can come back to the streets, " with more know-how than ever could have been gained within the streets. " (Internet Resource 2)

Attitudes, meaning how we as people respond to an interest, values, what we perceive is correct and incorrect, and morals play a major role in what brings children into gangs. How does a single develop a " gang attitude" to begin with? To resolve this we must look at the tradition. The values we People in america tend to have, associated with alternative lifestyle very appealing, this with the glorified bunch life style described through the lyrics of the " Gangsta" hip hop artists most influence the young impressionable mind. This could make the child feel a sense of power, identification, or family members, reflecting for the child's attitude. Also 1 must look at...

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