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 Tiffany  Company 1993 Essay

Jewelry & Firm Case Evaluation

I. Assertion of Concern

Should Tiffany hedge against translation risk from their Japanese subsidiary?

II. Relevant Facts

•Establishment of Tiffany-Japan with new responsibility of environment yen rates and managing currency risk. •Eurodollar 3-month forward rate3. 25%

Euroyen 3-month forward rate3. 1875

•Yen/Dollar spot rate¥106. 3500

3-months forward¥106. 3300

•94 SEP phone price1. 99 (100ths of your cent every yen, ¥6, 250, 000/contract) •93. a few SEP place price2. goal (100ths of the cent every yen, ¥6, 250, 000/contract) •First 6 months of money year, dollar depreciated coming from 124. 85 to 106. 35 or 3. 15% per month. Three-month forward quotes also reveal dollar downgrading from 124. 865 to106. 33 or 3. 16% per month. •Technical chart indicates dollar devaluation.

III. Relevant Assumptions

•Management policy to grow strongly using stored earnings. •Tiffany sales: one percent of $20 billion dollars Japanese earrings market or approximately one-hundred dollar million •Zero growth presumption due to reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling and Japan perception of management. •Purchase of products on hand from Mitsukoshi through Tiffany-Japan, therefore , in yen with out currency risk. •Net income margin of six percent. This is came from researching the past pattern of picked ratios in Exhibit a few. The current 3. 2% displays the acquistion, etc . and it is probably low. However , the trend has been downward and half a dozen percent displays continuance of the trend since management responds to the acquistion.

IV. Conclusion/Recommendation

•No hedge since dollars is supposed to depreciate resistant to the yen. No translation risk since appreciating yen will certainly convert to more dollars inside the translation towards the home money. •If hedge was desired for forward rate evaluation of a downgrading dollar, hedge by buying 21 SEP 94 calls. That isn't relevant for Tiffany's risk exposure, however. •For Tiffany's translation risk (depreciating yen), the best hedge would be to acquire 93. a few SEP places for 2 . 06 or $0. 000206/yen x...