Ademas Al Pasig

 Junto Approach Pasig Article

Adosado al PasigВ

(Sa tabi ng Pasig)

a one-act zarzuela in Spanish written by the Philippine national leading man,  Jose Rizal, was taking place by the Academy of Spanish Literature associates on 12 , 8, 1880. Rizal composed it to honor Nuestra Senora dela Serenidad y Buenviaje de Antipolo (Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage). Even when Rizal previously graduated from the Ateneo, and even though he is currently studying medication in the School of Imagen Tomas (U. S. To. ), this individual remained near the Jesuits. While president of the Academy of Spanish Literature and through his skills in writing having been asked to contribute to the special event of the banquet of the Flawless Conception, the college's patroness. From there, he wrote " Junto 's Pasig” and it was taking place during 1880's feast. A Spanish professor, Blas Echegoyen, wrote the music for the choruses even though the members from the academy (mentioned below) played out the following character types: * Leonido – Isidro Perez

2. Candido – Antoni Fuentes

* Pascual – Aquiles R. sobre Luzulaga

5. Satan – Julio Llorente

* An Angel – Pedro Carranceja

2. The enjoy basically positions questions related to what Christian believers believe. Through Leonido, the key character, a teen, Rizal portrayed another point of view of Satan and the Virgin Mary. He centers about thoughts such as: Who is the true redeemer of mankind? Who have should really end up being adored? Who have should one believe? Really does one have to believe? 5. Hence, the play starts off when Inocente, Pascual and also other children were waiting for the approaching of Virgin mobile Mary (through the procession). The children boasted on who may have the best present for the Virgin. The first son proudly declares about his bird cage at home; the 2nd boy boasts of flowers; the third one wants firecrackers. In the meantime, Pascual tells that he has a flute. Before they will end up in a fight, Inocente, barged in their conversation and suggested that they all support one another in setting up a escalon (dugout canoe) with multi-colored pennants and banners and paddle slowly and gradually into the...

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