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Kristen's Cookie Firm

1 . How long does it take to fill up a dash order [from blend and place, Load range, bake, amazing pack, and receive payment]#@@#@!!? (For orders of 1 dozen, and for orders of two dozens-same ingredients. )

Answer: (a) for purchases of one dozen __________ mins According to the specified work plans, a Gant Chart (Basic case 1) is designed as comply with:

As certainly indicated from the above chart, it requires 26 minutes to complete a one number of rush purchase.

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DSME2030A TASK 1 (b) for requests of two dozens __________ minutes Supposing the work agreement has not been tweaked, a Gant Chart (Basic case 2) for two dozens orders is usually developed since follow.

Therefore , it takes thirty-six minutes in order to complete a two dozens dash order. 2 . For instructions of one dozen, how a large number of orders can you fill in per night? Assuming 4 hours

per night Response: We can get from standard case one particular that we is going to spend 12 more minutes with one more dozen ordered, because the oven has already been totally utilized and become bottleneck beneath this situation. We know that the roommate can easily prepare range for preparing the second dozens of just after finishing baking the first dozen, during the a couple of minutes when the the oven is prepared and the second dozen can be baking, the first dozens of can be cooled down and jam-packed in six minutes, and the remaining 3 minutes are enough for collecting money, in addition washing, mixing up and place for the 2nd dozen could be finished during the time of first baking. So we have proved that individuals need 15 more mins when another order are essential. We can build a solution to express romantic relationship between period (T, in minutes) and number of dozen(X) T=16+10X If, perhaps 4 hours(240 minutes) per night, here is the formula 240 п‚і 16 пЂ« 10 times x п‚і 22 So we can make 22 number of of cookies and also 22 orders per night. Page some of 15

DSME2030A ASSIGNMENT 1 three or more. 1 Presented Kristen's Cookie wants to increase the profit, should you employ the roommate if all requests are one-dozen orders(assuming requests do not have the same ingredient)? Answer: If Kristen does not make use of his roommate, he should spend 13 more minutes for each extra one-dozen purchase, that is, it should take him 13+13n minutes to finish n requests. (As the next Gant Graph illustrates). If, perhaps 4 hours per night, Kristen could get 17 orders` profit.

If Kristen uses his roommate, they need to spend 10more a few minutes for each extra one-dozen order (shown in basic circumstance 1), that is certainly, it will take these people 16+10n a few minutes to finish and orders. (as discussed under consideration 2). Presuming 4 hours every night, they can get 22 orders` profit. We assume Kristen and his roommate share the profits based on all their work time (excluding nonproductive time), for each and every one-dozen purchase, Kristen spends 8 moments and his roomie spends 4 minutes. Therefore Kristen is going to share 1/3 profits with his roommate and keep 2/3 revenue for him self. Thus, Kristen can get 44/3(about 14. 67) orders` profit, which is lower than 17 orders' profit. Through the comparison above, we can deduce: To maximize Kristen`s personal earnings, Kristen does not need to employ his roommate if orders will be one-dozen purchases. To maximize Kristen Cookies` total profit, Kristen needs to make use of his roommate if instructions are one particular dozen instructions.

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DSME2030A JOB 1 three or more. 2 What happens if orders will be two-dozen orders (assuming every two-dozen purchase has the same ingredients)? You might reassign the work for you along with your roommate. Response: Firstly, we could compare the following two conditions With Bunkmate (the just like basic circumstance 2 with no work rearrangement)

Without Bunkmate (with rearrangement of work and 3 trays)

As the oven is definitely fully utilized and become the bottleneck, we can see that Kristen doesn't ought to employ bunkmate if an additional tray is utilized. Usually the price tag on a holder would be less expensive than labor cost, so there is no need to hire roommate in the event the orders will be two many.

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DSME2030A ASSIGNMENT 1 a few. 3 If perhaps orders happen to be one-dozens purchases, how various electric orange juice...

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