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 Lg Observe Phone Dissertation

LG Watch Cellphone

Table of Contents

Business Summary3

The Canadian Marketplace Launch4


External Influences5

Internal Competences and Deficiencies6-7

The Youthful, Affluent Professional7

Decision Criteria8

An Integrated Marketing Campaign9

Marketing Strategy9

Advertising Mix11


Distribution Channels12

Pricing Strategy12

Promotional Strategy13

Expected Results15


Performs Cited21

Professional Summary

The customer electronics market is associated with rapid growth, leaps in innovation and fierce competition. LG's make an effort to release their very own latest technology, the Watch Phone, is important in order to protected their current position as one of the dominant market leaders. With a well-integrated and effective marketing plan, LG has the potential to change the marketplace with a item that resembles a expensive timepiece as well as the full features of a smart phone. After already having introduced the product in Europe, LG ELECTRONICS is now up against the task of expanding the device's marketplace to include Canada. Having identified a clear marketplace, the advertising plan is going to focus on first raising knowing of this new merchandise in the Canadian market. With significant money for a significant marketing finances, we recommend several types of traditional ways of advertising along with joint advertising with telecoms carriers. The merchandise should be selling an image of the stylish high-class good for young affluent professionals. Furthermore, charges decisions echo a skimming strategy as well as the product will be distributed with the " big 3” telecoms companies canada. Through an research of the external and internal environment and threats and opportunities facing LG, we could confident that the company can be poised to achieve your goals in reaching substantial revenue within the successful market we now have identified. We all estimate justifying our price range with twenty-five, 000 devices sold and a profit margin of 25%. Ultimately, you want to attain strong returns to get our shareholders and capitalize on this opportunity to make LG the number one home brand to get consumer electronics. The Canadian Marketplace Launch

The LG Enjoy Phone is a revolutionary cool product in the electronic devices industry making its way to Canada for the first time as its preliminary release in European countries last year. В As this is a brand new product within a segment of its own, building this product as being a success in the volatile technology industry will be largely attributed to the actions LG's promoting team takes in the period prior to the release. В Our job is to think of a comprehensive marketing plan that will present the importance of this product to our target market and be sure that this product will be successful in the Canadian market when it is launched. В Having completed a thorough analysis of our external environment, our internal competencies plus the needs of today's buyers, we is going to identify a target market, a positioning technique, and an advertising mix that will create popular in the market, ultimately causing an overall profitable launch and sustained product life cycle. В Analysis

Exterior Influences

One of the main opportunities pertaining to LG Electronics is the fact the portable electronics industry is definitely exhibiting the very best growth when compared with in-home and in-car electronic digital products -- in 08 this section captured 46. 8% with the total consumer electronics market. In North America, cellphone products will be in finest demand, just lately accounting for 18. five per cent of electronics sales. Additionally , experts notice that the market has not been adversely impacted by the financial crisis and the prices for the electronics remain stable. Furthermore, the portable consumer electronics industry currently demands constant item miniaturization and integrating multiple functional features and multi-media in the gadget, which bodes well intended for LG's Watch Phone. With this device, LG ELECTRONICS goes a single step further,...

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