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Gina McFarlin

ACCT 2145

November of sixteen, 2013

Today I was knowledgeable that I was the named beneficiary of a good $100, 500 inheritance coming from my wealthy and kind Dad Fred. To be able to receive this large sum of money, I initial must prove that I will be liable with the money that I receive from my Uncle Sally by showing him with this in depth report about how I intend to manage these kinds of funds that he had proved helpful so hard to earn. Fortunately, I are allowed to dedicate $25, 500 of the hundred buck, 000 instantly on what ever personal demands that I may have, however , I must commit the remaining $75, 000 in different opportunities so that later on in life, I will be capable of live pleasantly and enjoy personally by making very good investment choices. There are several different methods that I can easily diversify the $75, 1000 on numerous investments yet I have found three particular investment areas which i feel more comfortable with. The three areas of investment which i have decided to invest the $75, 000 in are real estate, gold and silver coins, and buying stocks and shares.

Before I get into why I use chosen to purchase those three things, I first desire to explain the things i am going to be spending my first $25, 500 on. I use decided to spend the first twenty-five, 000 over a house mainly because " specialists say low home rates combined with low interest make this the best time in years to become a real-estate investor. " (" Now could be A Great Time To purchase A Rental" ) In this market there are a lot of cheap homes available as well as foreclosed homes so I found one that have been foreclosed on pertaining to only $20, 000. The rest of the $5, 500 was used on getting the place fixed up wonderful into live-able conditions. Another benefit of getting the house was that because We am single, I have provided one of the three bedrooms at home up for hire which will deliver an extra $500 a month in for me on the price of $125 per week. With that being said, I possess chosen to in fact invest in real estate property as well therefore instead of just...