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 Beauty Innovation Essay

The images of good shaped models in magazines and press impact on watch of splendor that leads individuals to plastic surgical treatments. Plastic surgery is known as a branch of surgery that is a reconstructive plastic surgery which is concerned with improving function (Nordqvist). Plastic surgery is now popular in modern society because of human panic about appearance and the demand of beauty and efficiency. According to the Intercontinental Society of Aesthetic Cosmetic surgery (ISAPS), Brazil is the second country has high price of plastic surgery in the world with 14. 2% surgical procedures, following your United States surfaces the list made up 17. 2% procedures plus the numbers will probably be increasing in upcoming years (ISAPS). This statistical data is astonishing because " seventy percent from the Brazilian populace is poor, and about 30 percent of Brazilians are in abject poverty” (145). Consequently , statistical numbers reflect the truth that Brazilians have been afflicted with plastic surgery in large and its particular influence.

Cosmetic plastic surgery seems turn into an obsession with Brazilians when plastic cosmetic surgery has become a non-missing part in society in Brazil. Juliana Borges, Miss Universe Contest 2001, states that ‘it's something I needed for my profession, for my work' (qtd in Leaky 147). Another model to illustrate the obsession of plastic surgery is Claudia, an eighteen-year-old middle-class young lady, have a breast reduction surgery after having a few months convincing her father and mother to pay for with many reasons for needing this surgical treatment (147). Incidentally, " in 2001 there was 350, 500 cosmetic surgery functions in a inhabitants of 169 million” (147), Don Kulick and Thais Machado-Borges explained. This data proves that plastic surgery is now an obsession with B razil throughout everyone and classes in contemporary society.

Due to the popular of plastic surgery, it is viewed as health gain in Brazil while it is luxury in america. According to Daily Information, thousands of the country's poor have gone through...

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