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 Mangal Pandey Essay

A sepoy working under the Uk East India Company, Mangal Pandey's name got etched into the webpages of the Indian history after he bombarded his older British officers in an event, which is today remembered while the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 or perhaps the India's 1st War of Independence. The reason for this was the rumor the cartridges employed by Indian sepoys were greased with the body fat of cow and this halloween.

Mangal Pandey, whose term is often forwent by Shaheed meaning a martyr in Hindi, was an Indian soldier throughout the pre-independence time. A member of the 34th Routine of the Bengal native soldires of the East India Firm, Mangal Pandey is measured among the most well-known figures associated with India's freedom struggle in present moments. He was born on 19 July 1827 in the Nagwa village inside the Ballia section of the Uttar Pradesh express. There remain in existence families in this village who have claim to the descendents of Mangal Pandey.

However , several disputes can be found over the exact place where Mangal Pandey was born. Therefore read on to know more about the biography of Mangal Pandey, who signed up with the sepoy force of the British East India Firm in the year 1849 at the age of 22. His name received etched in to the pages from the Indian record after this individual attacked his senior Uk officers within an incident, which is today referred to as the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 or perhaps the India's Initially War of Independence. Due to this, he was later on captured and hung right up until death about 8 The spring in 1857.

Here's more about living history of Mangal Pandey, who was a passionate Hindu and practiced his religion firmly. It was rumored that the cartridge used in the Enfield P-53 rifle which has been being used by Indian sepoys was greased with the excess fat of pig and cow fat. These cartridges needed to be bitten away in order to take away the cover before use which went resistant to the religious values of the Muslims and Hindus. The general opinion was that the Britishers got deliberately carried out this to hurt the feelings of Indians. And this was your...