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 Immigration and Assimilation in Urban America, 1870-1900 DBQ Essay

Migrants into the area of prospect had been a bumpy highway for those arriving between 1870 and 1900. Of all the years during that time period, the movement of immigrants was at its peak through the bursts of economic depressions (Document A). These weakened economic intervals in the United States did not exactly ease the common immigrants transition in to American lifestyle. With no yellow brick road to lead those to happiness and prosperity, a large number of immigrants started out searching for quick ways to make cash. In 1870, twenty percent from the New Great britain population was made up of foreign nationals; an astounding seventy-five percent in the crimes committed were perpetrated by all those immigrants (Document B). Edward cullen Steiner, an immigrant himself, recalls his experiences like a newcomer. except if he had ready friends, [the immigrant] found no entrance open to him except the saloon, the brothel, the cheap lodging house and lastly the secure (Document C). Steiner discovered a strong tend for felony activity amongst immigrants; it absolutely was therefore easy for natives to label most of the immigrants while stereotypical criminals and low-lifes, scarring the reputation of hard working foreign people as well. Steiner further explains that actually assimilation companies were anti-social, and the law enforcement would again them up. The spread of unfamiliar perpetrators offered domestic Us citizens a reason to fervently are at odds of arriving foreign nationals.

Not all with the arrivals remained on the East Coast. Most of the fresh looks decided to approach further into the nation, and with all of them followed good opposition. 1 case of discrimination travelled as far as reaching the Supreme Courtroom, where China laundry employees were billed with violating an code; the Best Court determined this to become case of racial splendour (Document E). It is surprising that discrimination reached these kinds of a high level without having authoritative physique to stop that.

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