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My contribution in the activity is my time. I actually give my personal time during practices and whenever they need me My spouse and i directly acknowledge what they control me. Also that I helped the Director and the VPs in to get members by peace. And lastly I also helped the availability team to cut some confetti's and some things.

The activity means a big impact as it helped me improve my bravery and assurance especially when My spouse and i sang at the stage. Plus the cooperation of each member, it's not mainly because how they comply with orders yet because they know how to interact personally during the activity.

The activity boosts my learning's from Management 1 and principles because some of the matters were applied in our function which is the concert. That external recruitment was as well applied mainly because we generate some outsiders to backup dance each of our male business lead singer.

From organizing of the needs of the concert up to the very event. The preparation is long when but the end result was nice I guess. The primary learning that we got inside the activity is the fact learn to worth the attempts of others since not all enough time they are patient to you. And also that not everything that you do is correct, sometimes really wrong in addition to to learn from the mistakes. Under no circumstances mistake activity for success. Winning can be not the base of accomplishment, it's the contentment and how you see the audience fulfillment.

" Concentrate on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in concluding an activity but in doing it. ”

-- Greg Anderson

As what because the quote says, delight is found by doing the activity. My spouse and i enjoyed the entire activity though we failed to win given that the outcome with the concert was successful for people. The whole function was great, time-oriented, and organized. It is very satisfactorily.