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 National Recreation area Essay

National Park Writing Assignment

The national area that I selected is Fundy national playground located in New

Brunswick. It is section of the Atlantic Maritime ecozone which in turn consists of the

Appalachians region and the coastal plains. I chose to represent the

Appalachians location on my poster and displayed the four seasons (spring,

summer, fall and winter). The climate in this region is cooler summers and

warmer winters and a lot of precipitation. The vegetation inside the Atlantic

Maritime contains deciduous, Septentrional and Acadian forests that contain a

variety of different plant varieties such as coniferous and perishable trees and

different kinds of tree. I included the Acadian forest during my poster which includes

both equally coniferous and deciduous trees. The animals in this region includes

moose, deer, fox, squirrels, different kinds of birds and fish species. My spouse and i

included deer, foxes, birds (seagulls) and other poultry in my cartel.

Paragraph two:

Activities by Fundy national park in my poster consist of kayaking, discovering

tracks in the forest and taking pictures of the well-known Hopewell rocks while

visiting the seashore. Other entertaining activities that visitors may possibly enjoy will be bird

watching, camping, sightseeing, letting boats and fishing, backpacking and in the

wintertime, skiing or perhaps tobogganing.

Paragraph 3:

Ecological integrity is demonstrated during my poster while all components of an

ecosystem (Atlantic Maritime) just like vegetation, environment, wildlife and

landforms are functioning and present in my poster. Every landscape in my

poster contains environmental integrity by way of example my pile scene

includes a landform (Appalachians), a climate (winter), wildlife (deer) and

vegetation (coniferous trees). The signs and small amount of tourists are

examples of how my area is shielded.