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п»їWhat is the most important step in the process used to decide on a topic for evidence- primarily based practice?

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a. Figuring out clinical authorities within the organization or program b. Exploring the problem to ascertain that it is exceptional to nursing 100. 0% c. Making sure staff members that will be implementing the change are involved in subject selection g. Developing a decision algorithm to measure the degree of resistance to changing the current practice parameter

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Query 2 (1 point)

Which way is most likely to have a positive influence on the re-homing of a new evidence-based practice?

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a. Surprising employees with the new practice

100. 0% b. Piloting the practice as part of the rendering c. Featuring in-service instruction of the need for the new practice d. Adding the process of assessing the new practice to personnel nurse obligations

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Question several (1 point)

Which will information or perhaps condition creates a process evaluate for evaluation of a new evidence-based practice?

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75. 0% a. A list of boundaries staff found in rendering b. Individual satisfaction with the intervention or practice

c. Lowering of costs linked to nursing time involved in the new practice in comparison with the old practice d. Id of pressure ulcers in an earlier stage of creation with causing prevention of conversion into a deeper wound

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Question four (1 point)

How do " view leaders” effect their peer group among the list of staff to stick to the specific new evidence-based practice standard?

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a. Developing consulting authorities

90. 0% m. Role-modeling the new practice

c. Evaluating the supporting research data

d. Nagging the staff to adopt the proposed adjustments

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Question 5 (1 point)

Which will condition needs to be used to enhance the decision to change practice based upon evidence?

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a. The researchers offering the majority of the facts are identified experts in the field. b. Exploration reports on the new involvement demonstrate sporadic or contradictory results. c. The input was examined in a inhabitants with handful of characteristics in accordance with the suggested practice human population. 100. 0% d. The intervention has got the characteristics of being inexpensive and straightforward to learn, as well as the outcome can be measured objectively.

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Question six (1 point)

Which usually of the pursuing is not only a feature of organizational tradition?

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a. The organization stimulates and benefits new ways of doing things. 90. 0% m. The organization by itself has no particular culture.

c. The two formal and informal communication networks are being used. d. The corporation seeks to dominate it competitors.

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Query 7 (1 point)

" Possession of the [change] project by nurses is usually important”. This statement signifies what type of particular intervention pertaining to the process of changing practice?

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100. 0% a. Regional consensus approaches

w. Local thoughts and opinions leaders

c. Audit and reviews mechanisms

d. Educational outreach and detailing

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Issue 8 (1 point)

When examining strategies for changing practice which will of the pursuing would not end up being an appropriate concern at the person level?

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a. Opinions of the consequences of the alter enable individuals to continue to refine an creativity. b. Teaching and support is essential to enable an individual to shape a great innovation...