Privatization in Pakistan

 Privatization in Pakistan Essay

Privatization in Pakistan:

For the purpose of privatization in Pakistan the government established the commission rate called privatization commission(PC). the mission and strength is definitely commission has below Privatization Commission (PC):


The PC began in 1991 to undertake Privatization of public sector entities. In September twenty-eight, 2000, to be able to strengthen the PC's legal authority like a corporate human body for applying the government's privatization coverage; the Government enacted the Privatization Commission Ordinance 2000. This kind of legal construction increased PC's independence and accountability and has offered greater convenience to buyers. The overall Federal government policy of strengthening the private sector's role inside the endowment of goods and services and with the acceptance of Pantry, the Privatization Commission (PC) is entrusted with the task of privatization of federal government assets – including its stocks in banking companies, industrial units, public programs, oil, gas and transfer companies, and infrastructure providers. In addition to the sale for shares or assets, it could offer snack bars or the directly to operate openly owned possessions. PRIVATIZATION OF PTCL:


Pakistan Telecommunication Organization Limited (PTCL) is the major telecommunication business in Pakistan. The company provides telephony solutions nation-wide and is also the anchor for country's telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of a dozen other telecommunication companies, which includes giants like Telenor and China Portable. The company functions around 2k telephone exchanges across the country, rendering the largest set line network. Data and backbone software program as GSM, CDMA, Broadband Internet, IPTV, from suppliers are an raising part of its business Motto: " Go through the Difference”

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