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Persia Mountain High school graduation

Teacher(s): Mrs. Electronic. Davis/Mr. M. Whiting| Phone Number: 678-875-3669| Room Number: C104| Email: [email protected] dekalb. k12. ga. us| Semester: Fall 2013/Spring 2014| Tutorial Times: Thursday | Textbook: The Americans| Tutorial Hours: several: 30-4: 35

Textbook Value: TBA | Tutorial Area: C104

Workplace Hours: Simply by Appointment Tuesday/Thursday 3: 30-4: 30pm


Electric Reference:

Classzone. com, HippoCampus. com, PowerPoint Palooza. net, History. com, NetTrek. com, etc .

Section Philosophy: " A generation which neglects history has no past with out future. ” Robert A. Heinlein

Study course Description: This system is designed to meet the Georgia Efficiency Standards (GPS) and Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) requirements. U. S. History is designed to introduce students to the historical, ethnical, political, and religious changes in American History from pursuit to modern day.

Course Requirements: None

Georgia Performance Standards(GPS):

SSUSH1 The student is going to describe European settlement in North America throughout the 17th century.

SSUSH2 The student will search for the ways which the economy and society of British The united states developed.

SSUSH3 The student can explain the main causes of the American Trend.

SSUSH4 The student will identify the ideological, military, and diplomatic facets of the American Revolution.

SSUSH5 The student is going to explain particular events and key concepts that caused the adoption and rendering of the United States Metabolic rate.

SSUSH6 The student will analyze the nature of local and inhabitants growth, as well as its impact in the early decades of the fresh nation.

SSUHS7 Students is going to explain the process of economic progress, its local and national impact in the first half of the 19th hundred years, and the diverse responses to it.

SSUSH8 The student can explain the relationship between growing north-south divisions and westward expansion.

SSUSH9 The student can identify crucial events, concerns, and individuals relating to the reasons, course, and consequences from the Civil War.

SSUSH10 Students will identify legal, political, and cultural dimensions of Reconstruction

SSUSH11 The student is going to describe the growth of big business and technological innovations after Renovation.

SSUSH12 Trainees will assess important consequences of American commercial growth.

SSUSH13 The student will certainly identify main efforts to reform American society and politics in the Progressive Age.

SSUSH14 Students will make clear America's evolving relationship with all the world in the turn of the twentieth 100 years.

SSUSH15 Students will examine the roots and effect of U. S. engagement in World Warfare I.

SSUSH16 The student is going to identify key developments in the aftermath of WW I.

SSUSH17 Students will examine the causes and consequences in the Great Depression.

SSUSH18 The student can describe Franklin Roosevelt's Fresh Deal as a response to the depression and compare many ways governmental applications aided individuals in require.

SSUSH19 Trainees will discover the roots, major advancements, and the domestic impact of World War II, particularly the growth of the federal government.

SSUSH20 The student will assess the domestic and international impact from the Cold Battle with the United States.

SSUSH21 The student is going to explain economical growth as well as impact on the us 1945-1970.

SSUSH22 The student is going to identify dimensions of the Civil Rights activity 1945-1970.

SSUSH23 The student will describe and assess the impact of politics developments between 1945-1970.

SSUSH24 The student will certainly analyze the effect of social change actions and agencies of the 1950's.

SSUSH25 Students will illustrate changes in nation-wide politics since 1968

Course Format: 1st SemesterSecond Semester

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