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Brother Dear Lukas As you read:

Inside the first few paragraphs I see which the story is usually written in 1st person narrative type as the woman. She is regarding 16 or perhaps 17 years old, since she attends class 11 institution. We get presented with her father and brother Greg. Her marriage with Greg has their ups and downs, and with her father her relationship is definitely okay. The stories issue is based on the father wanting his children to adhere to his actions because he wanted he mixed dough with his dad, and he doesn't desire his children to make the same mistake, nevertheless Greg doesn't want that. After Studying:

2 . In my opinion 1 of the 2 conflicts were resolved. The conflict among Greg and Sharlene gets resolved when she runs after him to the coach stop and so they have a in depth dialogue and really commence to understand one another. However Gregs relationship with his father did not get settled, Greg stood up to his father and told him what he wants to carry out, he don't take that very well and would still need him to adhere to his footsteps. 3. I do believe the narrator isn't very reliable because she's a 16 yr old girl, and assumes a lot of things as if your woman wasn't very sure. And she generally talks about how much she hates her city, so there might be some hyperbole. Towards the end of the account she becomes more reliable because she talks to greg and understands the situation he is in. 4. Types of personas:

Flat- a couple of traits only and can be summed up in a single sentence. Round- complex with many sides, their features happen to be fully delineated Static- continues to be the same through the entire story, undergoes little or no transform Dynamic- adjustments over the course of the story, this could be a change in character or frame of mind Father = Static character. He does not change his opinion on his kids likely to college and following his footsteps. Sharlene= Dynamic figure. Her opinion and relationship with Greg changed aswell as her view on persons. Greg= Circular...

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