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St Aloysius Gonzaga

Introduction to the life span of St . Aloysius Gonzaga:

St . Aloysius Gonzaga was developed in Upper Italy, between Brescia and Mantova. His father was obviously a famous condottiere, a mercenary soldier. Heureux Aloysius received military training, but his father also provided him with an outstanding classical education, sending him and his close friend Ridolfo to Florence to examine while providing at the courtroom of Francesco I sobre Medici. Speedy Facts:

5. Born: Drive 9, 1568

* Passed away: June 21, 1591

* Feast Working day: В June 21

* Sort of Feast: В Memorial

* Psychic readings: В Sirach twenty four: 1-14; Psalm 97: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7; Matt 6: 7-15 * Times: В March being unfaithful, 1568 (Castiglione delle Stiviere, Italy)-June twenty-one, 1591 (Rome) * Beginning Name: В Luigi Gonzaga

2. Patron of: В Youth; students; Jesuit newbies; AIDS sufferers; AIDS caregivers; sufferers of pestilence 2. Beatification: В October 19, 1605, by Pere Paul V

* Canonization: В December 31, 1726, by Pere Benedict XIII In Florencia, Saint Aloysius became ill with a kidney disease, and during his recovery, he devoted himself to prayer plus the study with the lives in the saints. At the age of 12, he returned to his dad's castle, in which he met the great saint and cardinal Charles Borromeo. Aloysius had not yet received hisВ First Communion, so the cardinal implemented it to him. Shortly thereafter, Saint Aloysius conceived of the concept of joining the Jesuits and having a missionary. His dad was adamantly opposed to the idea, both because he wanted his son to follow along with in his actions as a condottiere, and because, simply by becoming a Jesuit, Aloysius would give up every rights to inheritance. Mainly because it became crystal clear that the young man was intention on as being a priest, his family tried to convince him to become a high-end priest and, later, aВ bishop, so that this individual could acquire his gift of money. Saint Aloysius, however , has not been to be influenced, and his daddy finally relented. At the age of seventeen, he was accepted into the Jesuit novitiate in Rome; at the age of 19, he...