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Artemis Sportswear Proposal

Luis Molina

David Pagan

Gamaliel Diaz


April twenty-two, 2014

College or university of Phoenix, arizona

Artemis Sportswear Proposal

During these weak economic phases, when many companies are going out of business or proper sizing, Artemis Sportswear must take steps to increase commerce and revenue hoping of endurance. They must compete against identical enterprises and also other sportswear corporations larger and also have significant creation facilities international. Also, they must contend exactly where labor costs are less expensive and improves in profits are happening. Nevertheless, you can still find ways that they can be looking to cut cost but still increase profits. The three main focus factors are minimizing domestic immediate labor costs, transferring development to lower cost foreign locations, and trimming operational expenses.


Artemis Sportswear Organization is a company located out of Jacksonville, Florida that distributes ever kind of sportswear via head artists to tennis shoes. Artemis Sportswear has been around pertaining to seven years but is in the market with additional competition, limited budget, and regulation alterations. The company is looking at revenue loss if something is certainly not done. The company's past product sales history, current and projected business strategies, and price range one can conclude what taking place is. Because Artemis sportswear is in the means of figuring approaches to cut back on a selection of their expenses and still increase the revenue growth.

Labor Costs

In today's aggressive business existence, this organization faces demanding choices with regards to costs. Labor (employees) is usually one area exactly where operational costs can be slashed. Overtime, freelancing, benefits, retirement, and wages are other areas that can be evaluated to cut expenses. Overtime shell out can be very expensive for corporations. Companies pay out time and fifty percent and dual time when ever employees function an excess of 40 hours and then for holidays. To cut expenses, overtime, however, must be halted except for high volume business days and emergency conditions. If a business is getting reduce positions, benefits, or retirements the employees happen to be adversely influenced. Employees have to find one more job or possibly relocate to find a job to back up their families. Substantial layoffs can easily have an effect on neighborhood communities. Income taxes collected from that company and its employees will not be gathered and the community loses economic supporter. The U. H. Department of Labor states that Our elected representatives has passed a law making companies to provide employees announcements 60 days just before approaching layoffs or arret. Research has displayed early warning announcement to employees helps the worker find new careers sooner than if he or she were not informed by Artemis Sportswear, creating job good or contracting with a temp business careers can be found with no substantial damage in income will be damaged (Advisory, 2006). When detect is given of a layoff, corporations should not be surprised that the production of personnel falls noticeably. If the staff feel as if they are really not valued for carrying out a good job they will not continue to conduct as they acquired in the past. Moving jobs or perhaps as many call it up " abroad outsourcing" to poorer countries is a method used by countless American corporations. Outsourcing offers turned out to be a progressively more widespread method among companies in search of slicing operating overheads (WTO, 2004).

Why must Artemis Sportswear contemplate this kind of outsourcing? Low tax charges and incomes; in countries like Guatemala, do not have high tax percentages, creating immediate fiscal comes back, as a result. Income are decrease; there are not any health benefits to consider intended for workers, and no pension to provide the workers. Many governments in other countries meet U. H. companies with their countries. Companies bring necessary revenue towards the countries with depressed financial systems and help increase the economy. Authorities will even provide incentives in the form of tax reductions, low land rent,...

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