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Lab and Homework #4




1 ) (4 points) What is the main purpose of this kind of unit (in your very own words)? Solution: The purpose of this unit is attempting to create bill receipt and post repayment to Homeowner 2 . (4 points) Physical exercise 84: Create Invoice Invoice for Rent Charge. Part A (3 pts) Find the accounting doc for this item and do a screen printing that reveals the debits and credit. Part M (1 pt) what does this entry tell you? PartA:[pic]

Portion B: This entry tells me the credit equals to the debit. And so the account has been cleaned.

several. (4 points) Exercises 87: Post Repayment to Homeowner Part A (2 pts) Do a screen print in the document demonstrating the debits and credit. Part N (2 pts) Explain what this entrance means. Component A:


Part N: The initial entry means the payment amount is usually 1500, the 2nd entry means the amount should be paid is usually 1500, the credit equals to the charge. So the account is clean. UNIT 11

4. (6 points) What is automatic accounts assignment and exactly how is it employed in SAP as related to this unit? (Hint: You can use internet site: help. systems applications and products. com if you need to, but put answer that you really need words) Response: Automatic Account Assignment can be an project of a default Cost Centre or Purchase against price element and company code combination. The machine default this Cost Center or Purchase when post to this expense element in the corporation code. With this unit, it is used to create the system configurations controlling automated postings to G/L accounts for Inventory Administration, Invoice Verification transactions and also taxes. five. (2 points) Exercise 80: Maintain Getting Tolerance Limits - Perform a screen printing to show you did this. Answer: In this exercise, Need to set two tolerance secrets, PE and SE. In order to show both condition, I put 2 display screen shot here separately. 1> PE essential setting


2> ZE key setting


6th. (2 points) Exercise 94: Assign Value Area...

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