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 T. T. E: the value in the Execution of K-12 Essay

CHAPTER one particular

T. D. E: The value in the rendering of K-12


Do you think that k-12 system is the best answer in our educational and financial problem? Do you consider that our authorities can provide all things needed to this program? Is the teacher ready to the modern educational placing? There are of course not any simple answers to these queries. So what is k-12 plan?

K-12 system covers that kinder garten and 12 years of basic education (six years of principal education 4 years of jr high school and two years of senior excessive school) to provide sufficient moment for mastery of concepts and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle level expertise development, employment and entrepreneurship.

The E to 12 Basic Education Program may be the flagship program of the Office of Education in its desire to offer a programs which is attuned to the 21st century. This is in pursuance with the reform thrusts of the Basic Education Sector Reform Plan, a package deal of policy reforms that seeks to systematically improve critical regulating, institutional, strength, financial, ethnical, physical and informational conditions affecting fundamental education supply, access and delivery in the grass. The Section seeks to make a basic education sector that is capable of attaining the country's Education for a lot of Objectives plus the Millennium Advancement Goals by year 2015 and Director Noynoy Aquino's 10-point fundamental education agenda by 2016. These policy reforms are required to bring in critical changes necessary to even more accelerate, expand, deepen and sustain the Department's hard work in enhancing the quality of standard education.


Almost everybody knows about the latest education system that adjusts the public colleges. This system is popularly referred to as K-12 education. There are thirteen grades that make up the K-12 system beginning with kindergarten about twelfth grade, thus the name E (kindergarten) to 12 (12th grade). This kind of education product is not just used in United States. Even those who are living in Uk, Canada, and also other parts of Europe use the K-12 at the same time. A mother or father can choose whether they want their children to get the K-12 from a private or a open public institution. There are several parents who also enrolled their particular parents as soon as 4 or five years old, which is still their option. Nevertheless by the time the child becomes 6 years old, father and mother will be needed by their neighborhood state to enrolled your child in a college offering the K-12 education whether they like it or not. However , the compulsory institution age in a few states is seven or perhaps eight years of age. This required schooling started thanks to the rules that was made in 1918. Unfortunately, this kind of requirement just covers the kids studying in elementary. For this reason there are some father and mother, especially those who also are fiscally incapable, who have prefer to never let their child continue to larger levels which include high school. There are also some learners who think that since they previously learned the basics of reading and writing. The K-12 system before is certainly not what it is at the moment. It already went through a lot of changes since it the US Department of Education was established in 1979. The said office has been doing this in order to meet the changing needs in the education. But regardless of the changes, the one thing remains precisely the same. The K-12 education continue to needs financial help especially the schools which can be located in urban districts.


Problem achieved by k-12 teacher basically in the Big t. L. Elizabeth. Dept after first 12 months of execution of K-12 basic education curriculum software. (BEC) 1 ) Are the T. L. Electronic. teacher equipped with proper expertise in instructing k-12? installment payments on your Are store available in their particular school?

3. Can the college provided equipment that need in all of the shop place? 4. Can your student get back on track with new curriculum?


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