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HND Project Brief

Product 20: Revenue Planning & Operations

The learner is definitely requested to form a team of maximum four students and visit at least three different stores (outlet) or two sales professional from several types of organization e. g. jewelry store, digital goods store, shoe retail outlet, credit card sales executive etc . The student is expected to choose both store's salespersons and company sales executive. And the staff or person is asked to explain all of the tasks from the organization's viewpoint and then in the event required each member of the crew may show up at a viva or a demonstration in order to show their clear understanding about the outcomes: Scenario 1

Personal selling is one of the important elements of promotion mix. Personal is definitely directly related to the ultimate sales of a product or service. The team is requested to resolve the following responsibilities in order to understand the role of personal selling within the overall online marketing strategy. Task you (Lo 20. 1 . one particular, P1)

Make clear how personal selling supports the promotion mix. (Elements of promotional mix happen to be advertising, sales promotion, immediate marketing, public relation and personal selling. They is expected to visit with the mentioned person from the selected organization and discuss with all of them regarding this issue and write the solution by using the collected information. )

Task 2 (Lo 20. 1 . 2, P2)

Assess buyer behavior and the decision making process in several situations. (The team is usually requested to offer solution by using consumer customer behavior and business buyer behavior. And they are requested to explain buyer making decisions process of the observed organization. )

Job 3 (Lo 20. 1 . 3, P3)

Analyze the role of sales clubs within web marketing strategy. (The group is expected to find out the several roles of sales team by observing the chosen organization. The scholars are requested to identify the role of sales team head and the function of revenue force).

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