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 The Effect of Vitamin C on Herb Growth Dissertation

The result of Vitamin C about Plant Growth

Aim: To look for the effect of salt/ sugar/ caffeine/ vitamin C on seed germination. Hypothesis: The plant can grow slowly or expire due to the Vitamin C. Products:

* 2 mugs

* 2 measuring mugs

* Water

* Vitamin C/ fruit Juice

* Soil

5. 4 seedling (2 for each and every cup)

* A leader


1 . Serve Вѕ of soil in each glass

installment payments on your Plant 2 seeds into each glass. Put it about 50 % way down the soil three or more. Mix 1mL of lemon juice with 5mL water in a testing cup, and mix 2mL or perhaps orange drink with 5mL of normal water into another measuring cup. 4. Pour the 6mL mix in the 1mL of orange drink cup and pour the other inside the other cup. 5. Normal water the plant day-to-day and record the growth procedure.


Week| Height| leaves| Description

1| 0cm for both plants| zero leaves for both plants| It has merely been planted| 2| 0cm forboth plants| O leaves for both equally plants| Root base are visible but not progress above garden soil. | 5| 1mL- 21cm2mL- 19cm| 1mL- 442mL- 46| It has produced really well. Leaves have not almost all formed and plant might need more space. The 1mL has exploded taller but has fewer leaves.


1 . Was you experiment effective? Why/ perhaps you should? Yes it was successful since the plant grew successfully. 2 . How can we all improve our experiment? We could as regarding 1mL more orange juice into the blend 3. Just how can we increase our dependability of our experiment? we could most do the same type of research or research about what our company is doing initially. Conclusion:

Plants grow quicker with Supplement C (orange juice) as my flower grew faster than almost all of the class. My personal plant has exploded successfully and will continue increase.