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 The Medical Model of Impairment Essay

Medical Model of Disability

The medical type of disability is usually one that is primarily interested in the justification of disability. It perceives disability simply as a problem of the individual, with no discrimination involving the impairment faced and the impairment itself. " Any economical or interpersonal deprivation experienced by handicapped people was located within the individual and the impairment. ” (Swain et al., 2003) To put it simply, a disabled person is seen as defective and in want of mending or recovering. Disabled people are by classification then dependent upon others to help them and decide on care/treatment because of their disability. Disability is a tragedy, and focusses on exactly what a university person are unable to do. This results in segregation of disability, giving anyone perceived as distinct a packaging due to the fixation of " normality” simply by society (referring to people by way of a disability… " he's a Down's baby, ” " she's the dwarf”), not enough individual value and the ignorance of cultural, social and institutional boundaries that disabled people confront in aiming to lead their own independent lives. Paul Quest wrote an essay in 1966 quarrelling that as a result of society's treatment of disabled persons in the past and society's excessive regard to get the " normal, ” disabled individuals have felt themselves to be " unfortunate, pointless, different, oppressed and unwell, ” and although this may not be how impaired people actually see themselves, due to the constraints placed upon them, this is the way they have been required to view themselves. " Unfortunate” because that they haven't acquired the opportunity to marry, have children and play a role in earning their own money and independence; " Useless” due to their inability to contribute to the financial wealth of society, relying instead on charitable trust and a sense of less worth than the " breadwinner; ” Feeling element of a minority and singled out as " different” due to their physical disability against the " stares from the curious; ” An overwhelming a sense of " oppression” due to world not enabling the...